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Premium Manuka Honey

New Zealand all-natural Manuka honey
infused with CBD

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Discover the best brands & products using all-natural
ingredients that help you look, feel & live better.

Winged Wellness

Helping women feel their best with supplements
for sleep, energy, mood, and pain relief.

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Live smarter,
do more

Science-backed solutions designed to optimize
your system, so you can maximize every
moment and get more out of life.

Are You
Wild By

24hr protection with Wild refillable natural
deodorant. Great for your skin & the environment.

Bear Balanced

The world's first creatine gummy to fuel your fitness, health, and wellness routines.

Choose a
Peak State
of mind

Adaptogenic Coffee - high quality coffee with powerful benefits for your brain, immunity & stress. All by harnessing the power of adaptogenic mushrooms.

0% Nicotine
100% Flavor

Join us on our mission: Ditch the nicotine
and say hello to the new generation


Shop the SELF LOVE SALE Get 15% OFF selected brands

Shop the SELF LOVE SALE Get 15% OFF selected brands

Stressed? Choose Chill.

Embrace the power of nature and rediscover a healthier, happier you with the best hemp, nootropics and other natural products to help you refresh, recharge and unwind.

The Future
of Personal
Care with
Mckenna Avery

Ever wondered what drives Hempresss and its mission to revolutionize personal care?

Embrace Your
Inner Bali
Butterfly with

If anyone embodies tranquility
and calm, it's Bret from Tranquini.

The Laid
Back World
of the Lo-Fi
Music Movement

Lo-fi music incorporates warm melodies that transport you to a realm of tranquility.

How Quitting
Smoking Can
Improve Your
Sex Life

We unpack the benefits of going tobacco free
on your sex life!

Sipping Sobriety:
Navigating Social
Situations Without

Tips that could help you stay sober
one sip at a time

The 4 A's of
Stress Relief:
& applying them

We all get stressed! We've honed in on how
to find relief from stress in 4 simple ways

Ways Tobacco
and Nicotine
Play with Your Mood

Beyond the well known health risks, you may not realize that they’re secretly messing with your mood.

Our Customer Stories

Joe N.
“ Love these CBD pouches! I started off using the Cool Mint and loved it! So I thought I'd try some new flavors. The peach is nice and my new fave is Rich Vanilla! I pop one in about 45 minutes before bed and it helps me relax and sleep better. Plus, they help with feeling better after a workout. The oils are good as well but you should give these a try!”
“ A must have product! I love using these gummies when i'm trying to relax. chill or sleep”
Dan O.
“ Chill smokes are great and I'm so glad you can buy them in a carton of 10. It's really convenient. Delivery is quick and they really are a smooth smoke!”
“ I've tried a lot of gummies and these are some of the best on the market. They taste great and always help me to feel a little more me and a litte more Chill”
“ As a non-smoker I was a little apprehensive to try, but I had read how smokes can be a good way to get the benefits of CBD.

I’ve tried various CBD tinctures and CBD gummies without any noticeable benefits. The first night after smoking two, I scored my first ever excellent for sleep on my Fitbit! It could have been a coincidence but the second night I had a great sleep too! Will have to try the mint ones next!”
Tom K.
“ Absolutely love these gummies! They taste amazing, they're vegan but mostly they really work. Really helps with my anxiety and love to take one before bed for a better nights sleep”
“Really smooth and love the biodegradable filters”