Free from limitation

The Chill State Mind

We transform lives by creating products, experiences and occasions for customers that offer the freedom and choice to choose alternatives.

A Chill State of Mind is achieved when three things are present: Peace, Love and Chill.


The chill story

Chill was established in the Rocky Mountains where the company founders first realized the importance of experiencing a Chill State of Mind.

The mountains inspired a core belief that Chill products can support creating experiences and occasions that encourage a balanced life through the company’s motto: Peace, Love and Chill.

The founders believe a Chill State of Mind creates more rewarding and meaning-filled lives for people. The company remains headquartered in Western Colorado where its team members strive for a Chill State of Mind.



Chill believes we can freely turn away from stress, anxiety and conflict. Only when we choose freedom can we experience a full and balanced life. 


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