The Chill Story

The founders of Chill were part of Colorado’s pioneering hemp and CBD renaissance movement. They share a passion for CBD and building community. Chill CBD noticed a world where people had become stressed and hostile to one another. Neighbors were no longer neighbors. People were unable to coexist and exchange new ideas. The world had become focused on the destination rather than the journey.

Our founders set out to build a CBD company to offer an alternative to tobacco, encourage community building, and promote taking the time to chill out after a hard day’s work.

Chill founders wanted to build a CBD brand that communicated life isn't just about the ride, it's about the conversation in the parking lot after. It's not just about the game, but the after party too.


Chill CBD believes in providing a choice when it comes to the recreational products used in everyday life. Choose Chill CBD as your tobacco alternative and start enjoying the journey.  


Chill designs CBD products with a mission to help people pursue freedom from the past by making choices that create a better future. We envision a global CBD community that would inspire people to exercise freedom and choose a different future. 

Natural Herbs

Our team deploys a combination of artisans, scientific experts and CBD enthusiasts. Chill CBD only uses the highest quality CBD from trusted suppliers.

We follow the Colorado Industrial Hemp program and utilize trusted third-party testing to ensure CBD products are free of contaminants. We are committed to sustainability, social responsibility, and total transparency.

Chill CBD products feature a variety of natural herbs within Chill alternative tobacco smokes and chew products. These natural herbs compliment CBD.

Freedom to Chill

Try Freedom. Experience CBD. Build a Chill Nation.

Chill CBD: The Mission

Chill is a company that believes people should have the freedom to choose their future.

Chill Nation: A Community with Values

Chill Nation is a community of people who believe taking time to Chill is essential for a meaningful life. The Chill community doesn't care if you are a cowboy, a doctor, a school teacher, a welder, a surfer, an academic, an athlete, a student or a business owner. Chill unites people through CBD and we all believe taking time to chill, and pushing pause on life’s stresses, makes a community that is stronger, healthier and more creative. 


Chill takes pride making products that inspire us to Chill. The world is intense, but not every moment has to be. Chill values people from all walks of life who share a common belief in the importance of having freedom to choose. Our tobacco alternatives help people exercise freedom by choosing Chill CBD over nicotine and choosing a better future. 

The Chill Nation Credo

“There's a time to compete, but we Chill when the game is done.

There's a time to sprint hard, but we Chill when the race is won.

There's a time to charge the hill, but we Chill once at the top.

There's a time to swim the river, but on the shore we Chill and stop.

"There's a time to take that risk, but we Chill once through the door.

There is a time to push back, but then we Chill -friends once more.

In a world that's overheated, that never rests and won't sit still.

All are all invited to join us at Club Chill.”