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Your Tobacco Alternative

Chill CBD is a recreational alternative to traditional tobacco with flavored Chill Smokes, Chill Chew pouches, and CBD gummies. Proprietary methods and technologies infuse CBD into flavor pouches and natural smokes that contain cannabidiol. 

Many tobacco users choose traditional tobacco products for stress relief, pleasure, and in social situations. Choose a recreational alternative to tobacco that fits your lifestyle.

Why Chill CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid derived from cannabis. Ongoing research continues to discover remarkable benefits of CBD, including the potential of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, role in managing chronic pain, and ability to help treat anxiety.

Chill supports ongoing research and wellness information through studies in labs and universities all over the world. As new information about the benefits of CBD emerges, Chill is here to incorporate industry research into our products and help our community Chill out and choose freedom.

Choose Freedom

The Mission

Chill is a company that makes epic CBD products for people who believe in the power of freedom and choice to make a better future.

A Community

Chill is a community of people who believe taking time to relax after engaging in adventure is essential for a meaningful life. The Chill community values people from all walks of life united by the potential of CBD. We believe taking time to chill through the stresses of life makes communities that are strong, healthy and creative. 


Chill takes pride in making products that inspire us to Chill. The world is intense, but not every moment has to be. Chill values people from all walks of life who share a common belief in the importance of having freedom to choose. Chill tobacco alternatives help people exercise freedom by choosing CBD over nicotine and choosing a better future. 

The Chill Credo

“There's a time to compete, but we chill when the game is done.

There's a time to sprint hard, but we chill when the race is won.

There's a time to charge the hill, but we chill once at the top.

There's a time to swim the river, but on the shore we Chill and stop.

There's a time to take that risk, but we Chill once through the door.

There is a time to push back, but then we chill -friends once more.

In a world that's overheated, that never rests and won't sit still.

All are all invited to join us at Club Chill.”