Andraya Farrag ● March 20, 2023

Healthy Ravers = Happy Ravers

Did you know that raving can make you happier, healthier and more successful? That’s the verdict of researchers from Harvard and the University of Oxford, who found that live entertainment could give you a boost in other areas of your life and even help you to live longer. 

While we can all agree that it’s good to unwind and party, it’s important not to ignore the unhealthy side effects that come with a weekend of getting on it. The Chill community loves the unique sense of belonging that you can only find on the dance floor, but the hangovers, come-downs, and Sunday scaries? Not so much.  

The only way to beat them is by taking care of your mind and body - so here are our top five tips to help you do just that.


1. Hydrate!

Your body needs water, even if 8 hours of B2B sets has got you thinking otherwise. Dehydration will not only make you feel worse, but it could also have much more serious consequences since H20 will help you to flush out the toxins left in your body from consuming alcohol and other substances.

The dance floor is usually a hot place. You’re moving around and breathing heavily in a crowded area, making it more likely that you’ll get dehydrated. 

Do yourself a favor, avoid a headache, and keep your energy levels up by drinking water before, during, and after each event you go to. You’ll thank yourself for it the next day. 

2. Rest Up

Rest and relaxation are just as important as getting yourself moving and grooving at an event. Everyone needs time to recharge and recover, so don’t slack on sleep. 

After a weekend spent out and about, you should prioritize a solid sleep schedule that will give you plenty of time to catch up after a period of intense activity. Try to get seven to eight hours each night, and don’t feel guilty for giving your body what it needs. 


3. Be Kind to Your Mind

It’s easy to slip into an anxious state of doom-scrolling, worrying and fretting when you come back down from a weekend of fun. The truth is, that simply isn’t healthy and developing a level of self-awareness is the only way to combat it.

No matter how awful you may feel, the chances are that nobody hates you, you haven’t embarrassed yourself, and that everything is going to be okay.

As simple as it may seem, the best way to avoid those low post-even feelings is to avoid social media, get on with your day, and do whatever it is that makes you feel good. You are not your thoughts.


4. Feed Your Body and Soul

We know how it is - roll out of the rave, straight to the Golden Arches (other fast food joints are available) and gorge yourself on fatty, salty, delicious junk. And that’s okay! But you shouldn’t bank on that actually helping you to feel any better.

When we’re out on the town or at an event, we tend to neglect our physical health and don’t feed our bodies the nutrients they need. Ultimately this just means that it’ll take longer to recover, so it’s better to fill up on nourishing foods that will keep you satisfied.

Rather than standard takeout food, think lean protein, fruits, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. the choice is yours and you can always rustle up something delicious, just try to make sure it’s more nutrient dense than fries, meat and bread. 

5. Recover with Game Changer a hangover patch!

All of these steps are essential to help you feel more like yourself post-rave, but there are some other shortcuts you can take to speed up your recovery. 

Game Changer is our latest brand partner. Prevent hangovers before they start with the WarmUp patch. This easy-to-use, discreet patch is designed to remain waterproof and odorless. Apply it before or while drinking for 10 hours of protection. Get the PostGame patch for continued recovery while you sleep.

For post-rave wellness, pick up a pack from today and remember that healthy ravers are happy ravers. 

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