SAYSO is the first-ever craft cocktail mix in a tea bag. Using real, granulated, and whole ingredients, steep SAYSO in cold water and spirits for a delicious, restaurant-quality cocktail in minutes. Simply omit spirits for a mocktail! All cocktails are better for you, low in sugar and calories. We’re also better for the environment, using certified biodegradable sachets, recycled material for our pouches, and 20x lower carbon footprint than traditional liquid mixers. Founders Alison & Chloe in business school where they both found themselves constantly struggling with the same problem: cocktail making is HARD! The current options either took too much time, had too much sugar, or tasted terrible. It shouldn’t have to be so difficult to make a delicious drink at home, that is lower in sugar, and still tastes delicious with or without spirits. So, they decided to change that, and SAYSO was born. Your next perfect cocktail is in the bag.

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