Mocha Go Fuel CBG Pouches

15 Pouches | CBG + Caffeine + Guarana By Cannadips
Presenting Cannadips Go Fuel, an innovative energy pouch that packs a punch with Caffeine and Guarana. It's free from the excessive calories and sugar found in traditional energy drinks, offering a healthier alternative that kick starts your energy levels swiftly and effectively. Infused with CBG (cannabigerol) – a hemp-derived cannabinoid similar to CBD – for additional help with focus and energy, Go Fuel is designed to enable you to tackle any day with vigor.

Each tin contains 15 pouches and each pouch boasts 10mg CBG and 25mg Caffeine + Guarana. With its unique tobacco-free and nicotine-free formulation, Go Fuel stands out as a game-changing solution for sustained energy and focus.
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Coconut coir, glycerine, palm oil, sugar, natural flavors, caffeine, CBG isolate (Cannabigerol), monk fruit extract, salt, citric acid, xanthan gum.

*Contains less than 0.3% THC

See our test results here
See our test results here.
Directions for use

Place one pouch between your cheek and gum, swallow your saliva and keep the pouch in the mouth. Wait 15 minutes to 2 hours for full effect.

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