Shroomie Coffee Alternative

Caffeine-Free Drink Mix By Eleven TLC

Discover the essence of guilt-free, caffeine-free bliss with our delightfully smooth blend, with a hazelnut base and finishing with a whisper of caramel. Bid farewell to the jitters and say hello to an all-natural elixir powered by the earth's mightiest mushrooms, awe-inspiring superfoods, and robust botanicals. Maca supercharges your energy levels and harmonizes your hormones. Roasted Dandelion Root is nature's protector, standing guard against inflammation and blood sugar surprises. Roasted Barley is a gem for digestive health, packed with dietary fiber and antioxidants for blood sugar control and cardiac health. Chicory is the gut's guardian angel, promoting beneficial bacteria, championing liver health, and boasting impressive anti-inflammatory prowess.

186 Grams | 21 Servings | Jar
500 Grams | 62.5 Servings | Resealable Bag
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Erythritol and monk fruit extract (blend), roasted barley, rye, chicory + dandelion root extract (blend), carob powder*, maca powder*, chaga mushroom powder*, lion's mane mushroom powder*, reishi mushroom powder*, caramel flavoring powder (dextrose and natural flavors)*, sea salt.
*Certified organic

Directions for use

Add 2 teaspoons to milk or blend with your favorite beverage

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