Sparkling Ol' Fashioned

Alcohol-Free | 40 Calories By ChillNA
Step into the speakeasy and take a sip of history with this alcohol-free Sparkling Ol' Fashioned – the quintessential choice for bourbon aficionados who have a penchant for that laid-back hemp lifestyle. The first sip gives dry, earthy tones of oak wood before transitioning smoothly into the creamy sweetness of vanilla, and landing on the exciting twist – a natural hemp flourish that makes way for a lastingly bold, toasty char finish. With a commitment to keeping it light, we've dialed down on sugar and unnecessary calories. Bask in the slow burn of 5mg hemp-derived Delta 9 THC, perfect for adding a mellow vibe to your day.

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Carbonated water, sugar, natural flavors, citric acid, hemp extract, potassium sorbet, ascorbic acid, gum arabic, sucralose, beta carotene (for color), monk fruit extract

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