Señorita: The Cannabis-Infused Mango Drink That’s Shaking Up Your Chill Time!

Single or 4 Pack Alcohol-Free Cans By ChillNA

Hey there! Ready for something refreshingly different? Meet Señorita – your new go-to for moments when you crave that laid-back vibe without the day-after regrets. Our specially crafted, cannabis-infused margarita offers you a light buzz without a hangover, making your leisure time more enjoyable and guilt-free.

Why Señorita Stands Out:

  • Premium Organic Mango: Señorita would be just another drink without its soul - the finest THC emulsion crafted by none other than VERTOSA, the kings of cannabis emulsions. Their state-of-the-art technology guarantees a fast onset and a flavor-free THC experience, making Señorita not just a drink but an experience.
  • Real Mango Extract: Only the freshest  juice and a zesty hint of mango extract make it into your can, ensuring each sip is as lively as the last.
  • Himalayan Salt: Every mouthful carries a subtle crispness, thanks to the pristine Himalayan salt we lovingly sprinkle in.
  • Only 70 Calories: Feel good with every sip, knowing Señorita keeps it slim at just 70 calories per 12 oz can. No added sugar, just pure, bubbly joy.
  • Sustainably Sourced, Locally Grown Cannabis: We're all about keeping it real and responsible, sourcing only the finest locally grown cannabis for that light, mellow buzz.

Now, who's this for? If you're the kind to enjoy the sunset with friends, craving that jovial atmosphere but not the hangover, Señorita is your perfect match. It's crafted for everyone, those seeking an alcohol alternative that doesn't compromise on fun or flavor.

With Señorita, you're not just choosing a drink; you're choosing a lifestyle. A lifestyle where balance, deliciousness, and a high-quality buzz go hand-in-hand. Vertosa's mission of creating unique cannabinoid experiences shines through with every can.

What's in it for you?

  • A delicious, fresh ingredient, low-calorie (just 70 per can!) alternative to alcohol
  • No hangover, just good vibes
  • Fast onset for when you want to unwind without the wait

Dive into the Señorita lifestyle and discover the joy of sipping on a Cannabis-Infused Margarita, a stunning Low-Calorie Cocktail Alternative that’s pioneering fun with every can. Made with love from the finest Mango's and infused with pristine, locally sourced cannabis, Señorita is here to change how you celebrate life’s moments.

Ready for the ride? Say 'Hola' to your new favorite drink – because, with Señorita, it's not just about the buzz; it's about how you feel every sip of the way.

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See our test results here
See our test results here.
Directions for use

Start with 1/4 can and wait to see how you feel. Drink more if desired.

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