Lavender Essential Oil

5ml Bottle By Essence

Ready to turn your moments of ‘argh’ into moments of ‘ahh’? Let's chat about our little hero in a 5ml bottle – Lavender Essential Oil. It's like a mini spa retreat you can carry around with you. Lavender isn’t just a pretty scent, it’s a powerhouse of soothing vibes. Struggling with sleepless nights, a bit of anxiety, or a stomach in knots? Lavender’s got your back. It’s been around the block, helping folks find their zen for ages, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Lavender Essential Oil is all about making sure stress and worries don’t stand a chance. Just a few drops on your ring, and voilà, you're naturally whisked away to relaxation town.

Directions for use

Add a few drops to your Essence ring, regular diffuser, bath, or carrier oil for a soothing experience.

Oil can be used to recharge a single ring up to 30 times. The user must add a few drops of oil back to the sachet.

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