Daily Creativity Connection SuppleMints

24ct Mushroom Supplement By SuperMush

Unleash a wave of vivacity with this tantalizing fusion of sweetness and spice designed to awaken your senses. Savor the flair of cinnamon's freshness as you invigorate your day with nature's zesty touch. Infused with the rejuvenating trio of Cordyceps, Reishi, and Maca, these delights are the secret to sustained cerebral zest and imaginative vigor. Containing zero calories and zero sugar, SuppleMints keep the creative essence alive with each invigorating tablet.

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Proprietary Blend: 800 mg †: Organic Cordyceps 20:1 Fruiting Body Extract ‡, Organic Reishi 16:1 Fruiting Body Extract ‡, Organic Maca Pure Extract ‡, Organic Bacopa Monnieri Pure Extract ‡

Other Ingredients: Sorbitol, Organic Stevia ‡, Saigon Cinnamon, Organic Ginger Extract, Organic Veggie Red Extract ‡, Magnesium Stearate

‡ Certified Organic

Directions for use

Have 1-2 mints per day, as needed

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