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From sharing Chill moments to embodying all things Chill, Team Chill is at the forefront of promoting a lifestyle that values the hustle, the down time, creating your own path, and finding freedom. Want to become a Chill influencer or brand ambassador? Apply to join Team Chill!

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Cole Willford


Cole Willford is a 4-time World Champion Pro Snowmobile Hillclimb racer living in Colorado with his family. He is a Pro backcountry rider for Polaris Industries and KLiM helping teach riding skills and promoting avalanche awareness.  

He Chills by trusting the quality ingredients products have to offer. Cole chooses Chill to clear his mind, rest after a long ride, and reset for the next adventure.  

Annie Mortensen


Annie Mortensen is a western fashion model who has appeared in numerous national publications. Coming from one of the most famous heritage families in the western United States, with her father and uncle in the Pro Redeo Hall of fame, she raised two sons among the best Pro Bull Riders in the world.

Ardie Mair


Ardie Maier is a well-known PBR and PRCA Veteran with more than $1 million in career earnings. He has been a mentor to both JC Mortensen and Creek Young, and looks forward to seeing #TeamChill succeed. 

Raven Finegan


Raven is a spokesperson, photographer, and an outdoor adventurer. From working as a former field expert for Drake Waterfowl Systems to being an avid hunter, she is no stranger to being in the field before the sun rises and chilling after a long day in the wild, making her the perfect addition to #TeamChill

JC Mortensen


JC Mortensen is Third Generation Pro and ranked #19 in PRCA World Standings! In 2020, Mortensen was severely injured after attempting an 8-second ride. After several surgeries and treatments, he refused traditional pain medication, fearing the side effects and potential opioid addiction. Mortensen began using CBD during his recovery and credits it for his quick recovery.   

Toshua Bartley


Toshua lives in Durango Colorado where she enjoys her life as a mother and is person who invests in her health and wellness. Her weekly exercise regimen is complemented by her love for the majestic water features in the mountains she calls home. She relocated from the beaches of Hawaii to live in the Southern Rocky Mountains, but her belief in the potential of CBD has been a constant in her life.

Caleb Weaver


Caleb was a young child when he picked up his first camera and has rarely been seen without it since. Weaver has produced videography in four continents from Nigeria and Nicaragua to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where he makes his home. Weaver is the official director and producer of media for and is the person who captures and defines what it means to Chill

Victoria Holmes


Victoria is a world-class cosmetic professional who travels the United States working in the upper echelons of beauty and wellness. Victoria is an avid outdoor enthusiast who when not hiking, boating or skiing is participating in the Chill lifestyle with her family. 

Creek Young


Creek Young is a bull riding phenom from Kansas who has increased his standing in the PRCA to 7th in the world. is proud to support Creek Young, and we look forward to seeing Young in the PBR and PRCA finals for years to come.