Peppermint Scent - Single Ring

5ml Bottle By Essence

Whether you're dealing with a dodgy stomach after that questionable lunch or trying to shake off a headache that's outstayed its welcome, Peppermint Scent diffuser ring is here to help. Peppermint isn't just for your tea or toothpaste; it's been a remedy for soothing stomach troubles and kicking headaches to the curb since the days of togas and the Colosseum.

We've been pretty crafty, blending the zing of pure peppermint essential oil with the softest carrier oils out there. This means you get all the peppermint perks without turning your nose up at any harsh vibes. It's like a cool breeze on a hot day, but for your senses. 

Directions for use

Place ring in nose and breathe deeply. Do not share ring with others.

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