Peak State Coffee Variety Three Pack

500mg Functional Mushroom Extract By Peak State Coffee

Discover the ultimate Variety Pack for the coffee lover looking to experience premium whole coffee beans combined with helpful adaptogens! Our Variety Pack contains one 12oz bag of each of our signature flavors - IMMUNITY BOOST, BRAIN SUSTAIN, and STRESS LESS.

Each bag of this Variety Pack is Fair Trade, organic, sustainably shade grown, and free of mold and pesticides. IMMUNITY BOOST Medium Roast blend will help support your immune system with a powerful blend of chaga, reishi, lion's mane, turkey tail, and cordyceps. BRAIN SUSTAIN Light Roast is infused with lion's mane and cordyceps for energy and focus. STRESS LESS Dark Roast contains an adaptogenic reishi and chaga blend for overall wellness.

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Organic Arabica Beans, Organic Mushroom Extracts

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